Our ERMETIC wood-bronze window is also produced in accurate CNC manufacturing technology.
The technical features as well as profile design (window exterior and interior) are identical described as in the case of our wood-aluminum window.

Bronze – a high-grade, robust material. Bronze sections guarantee excellent durability and, as a result of it’s timeless design and rustic grand style, is ideal for both the essential design of estates and the restoration of historical buildings.

The special bronze alloy used to manufacture these profiles does not require further surface treatment for weather protection. A film naturally occurs to form a protective layer over the bronze to provide a durable coating that will last indefinitely.
Our surface finishing in 3 different colors “Gunmetal finish – Antique – Patina” accelerates this natural process.

The surface is treated after the frame is welded and cleaned.
A special substance is applied which causes a chemical reaction, making the bronze age artificially.


ERMETIC 5000/S Bronze Gunmetal finish
ERMETIC 5000/S Bronze Gunmetal finish
Ermetic 5000/S Bronze Antique
ERMETIC 5000/S Bronze Antique
ERMETIC 5000/S Bronze Patina
ERMETIC 5000/S Bronze Patina





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