Our ERMETIC wood-aluminum window is produced in accurate CNC manufacturing technology.

Depending on the requirements provided by the customer we offer different profile depths of this window.
Two frame sizes* 68mm (standard) and 78mm, as well as four sash sizes* 72mm (standard), 81mm 82mm and 91mm. *Thickness of wood without hollow chamber profile.

Several profile designs (window exterior and interior) suitable for every building and interior style complete our all-round program of the ERMETIC wood-aluminum window.

Furthermore, we already use the new bounding technology for our wood windows as we do for all of our window systems. Glass and frame are stock together in order to achieve the highest rigidity, torsion freedom as well as burglary safety and precise opening and closing function.

This window system permits the combination of our unique and precious species of wood on the inside of the window.

Wood is our philosophy, we treat it also correspondingly. Of highest production depth and processing quality up to a very effortful paint technique (stained technique). We therefore fulfill the very demanding wishes of our customers.


Ermetic 5000/S Cover-Glazing
ERMETIC 5000/S Cover-Glazing
Ermetic 5000/S Impero
ERMETIC 5000/S Impero
Ermetic 5000/S Oriental
ERMETIC 5000/S Oriental




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