Steffen Wetzel, Managing Director
Steffen Wetzel, Managing Director

Windows have always been an expression of individual taste and, once upon a time, were made by a few people for a few people. With industrialization came mass production and tailor-made solutions became a thing of the past.

Window building at Wetzel is different: simple, elegant design coupled with highquality craftsmanship punctuate the individuality of the windows we produce.

Detailed consultation will allow us to find out your personal wishes and, at the same time, will give us the opportunity to present the expertise we have acquired over the last 65 years. In this way, your ideas and our experience will collaborate to bring forth the optimal design for your windows.

It is a joy for us to meet the challenge of creating and realizing the appropriate solutions for our customers’ building projects.

All of our windows are constructed in manual production and with an eye for detail. We take pride in traditional craftsmanship while making use of state-of-the-art technologies and materials of the highest quality. Our expert craftsmen thus produce premium products with lasting durability.

Let us inspire and delight you with the wonderful window compositions shown on the following pages.



We know that the careful choice of raw materials is a prerequisite for producing a superior product. This is particularly true for wood, a natural material whose quality and characteristics may vary considerably. Careful inspection of the wood and years of experience enable us to make the correct choice of raw materials.

Wood is a renewable resource. We need to care for it and use it in a responsible and sustainable way so that it is available for future generations. For this reason, sustainability is an important principle of our work.

We practice the same diligence in our selection of accessories and components, employing only parts that we have tried and tested. Long-term work relations with our suppliers guarantee that we can deliver high-quality goods and services now and in the future.



  • We plan our products carefully and responsibly together with our customers.
  • We use the best materials and carefully selected components and accessories.
  • We cultivate our artisan tradition and are open for innovation as well.
  • >We are committed to conservative and sustainable methods of production and trade.
  • We view „Made in Germany“ as an obligation to deliver the highest possible quality
  • We rise to extraordinary challenges to find exceptional solutions.
  • We seek cost-effective and efficient solutions.


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